Johnson Investigations, Inc.
Johnson Investigations, Inc.
Fire Scene Investigation
  • Utilize a systematic approach
  • Interview witnesses prior to inspection
  • Perform electrical arc mapping
  • Interpret fire patterns
  • Determine area of origin
  • Identify potential ignition sources in area of origin


  • Johnson Investigations, Inc. maintains a personal fire recall database
  • Investigators in the field relay appliance and equipment manufacturers to our office staff for recall research
  • Investigators have received specialized training in small and large appliance fires
  • Johnson Investigations, Inc. has assisted our clients with recovery of millions of dollars through subrogation

Origin and Cause

  • Investigators are experienced and highly trained to identify and interpret fire patterns
  • Investigators use their training and experience to determine which fire pattern occurred first
  • All investigators have local community ties and are here today for your investigation and will be here years later when trials occur

Explosion Investigation

  • Investigators have investigated explosions with damages exceeding millions of dollars
  • Investigators have investigated and determined the cause of explosions where loss of life has occurred
  • Johnson Investigations, Inc. has the staff to investigate the largest explosions

Evidence Collection and Storage

  • Substantial experience in collecting debris samples for analysis
  • Debris samples are analyzed by the most experienced laboratory available
  • Evidence is stored inside an alarm equipped storage facility

Residential Fires

  • Vast experience in residential fire origin and cause investigations
  • Access to an accelerant detecting canine
  • All investigators are trained to disassemble damaged and undamaged electric range controls to determine if controls were on when the fire occurred

Commercial Fires

  • Investigated fires with losses exceeding millions of dollars
  • Investigators are former fire prevention officers educated in fire code requirements
  • Investigators are trained in the installation of commercial cooking vent hoods and suppression systems
Vehicle Fires
  • Extensive investigative experience and training in motor vehicle and truck fires
  • Familiar with most recent fire related recalls
  • Conducted live burns of motor vehicles for training exercises
  • Experience with ATV's and motorcycle fire investigations

Recall Research

  • Access to websites devoted to fire related, mechanical or electrical recalls
  • Private recall database which can be accessed while in the field
  • Full time office staff that research fire recalls based on information provided by the investigator while in the field
  • Daily monitoring of the most recent recalls

Farm Equipment

  • Experienced with tractors, hay balers, combines, farm trucks and specialized farm equipment fires
  • Investigators own and are experienced with operation of tractors and farm equipment
  • Investigated a large number of farm equipment fires

Heavy Equipment

  • Investigate construction, farm, logging and excavating equipment fires
  • Tools to disassemble heavy equipment in the field
  • Equipment to access burned equipment in the most remote areas

Boat Fires

  • Investigated numerous house boat fires
  • Performed pleasure boat fire investigations
  • Investigators familiar with boat operations and systems
  • Investigators experienced in boat fuel delivery systems


  • Investigators have conducted thousands of interviews
  • Perform recorded statements and interviews
  • Transcribing of taped interviews are performed
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